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Sydney ~ Australia

This photograph is sold in an open edition (image code 401)



I have been photographing Australia for 30+ years. Concentrating mostly on fine art colour, and black and white landscape photography, I do also shoot flora, fauna, concept, iconic, and abstract images. I shoot all subjects with the best natural light available, to ensure fidelity. I strive to capture true and authentic moments in time, where Mother Nature is at her most dramatic best. Most good photographs are a result of repeat visits or attempts to capture something special. I want my photography to invoke mood and a connection with the viewer. To date, I have visited most iconic locations of Australia. These locations include many outback and desert regions, scenic coastal, gorges, high country, national parks, lighthouses, and historic areas. I have many images that depict the wide open quintessential vistas of the Australian landscape. Australia is my office.

All photographs can be printed on a choice of either premium quality gloss, premium lustre (semi – matte), or premium metallic paper. All papers are of archival quality to ensure colours and vibrancy are long lasting. The open and limited edition photographs are available either as photographic prints only (rolled into tubes), or as framed in clear modern Acrylic frames. Photographic prints sold in tubes, give the recipient the option of choosing a frame type and colour themselves, which is hugely beneficial when matching existing decor. Alternatively, with the Acrylic frame option, you receive a photograph that is only printed on the highest quality metallic paper, and this has the most vibrant look when on display. Additionally, as there is neither a colour frame nor mat board surrounding the photograph, the Acrylic framed photograph will suit ANY decor. If your decor was to change over time, you won’t need to change your frame colour to match. Additionally, as acrylic frames are without any frame colour, they will also suit any corporate decor. The neutrality of the Acrylic frames can be considered the best “framed” gift option.

There are many choices of both the image orientation and size to choose from, so no matter what shape of empty wall space you have, there are multiple options of layout available. As well as conventionally shaped (proportioned) photos, I have a range of thin horizontal, thin vertical, and square photographs. There are selections of colour, black and white, or sepia photographs available.

Each different image has it’s own original signature of mine scanned in and designated for use with that image only. This provides an originality with the signatures, especially with multiple photos hung on the same wall, or in the same room. Close inspection will show that each signature of mine varies a little from image to image, simply because no two original signatures can be absolutely identical.

There is a range of both open and limited edition photographs available to suit all needs. You can choose from an open edition photo which has no limit to the number of prints that can be sold, through to series of different limited editions offering a print run total of either 500, 300, 8 or 1 prints to be sold. Elaborating further for example, the 1 series means quite literally, that there will be only one photographic print sold. It is as exclusive as it gets. The 8 series means only eight prints will be sold in total – and even though the 8 series will have several different size options to choose from, there will be only eight prints collectively sold, not eight of every size available. All Limited Edition photographs are supplied with a signed and numbered certificate. All photographs, both open and limited edition will have my signature, and also if applicable, a print number of the respective limited edition number i.e. the first print of a new 300 series will have my signature together with the number “1/300” alongside my signature. If you purchase a “1” series, – it will have my signature together with “1/1”.

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