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Photograph Sizes

Q   Is the photographic image received, exactly the size stipulated on the website?

A   Yes at all times, regardless of whether you buy framed, or unframed i.e. rolled into a tube. When you purchase framed, the photo is actually printed a few millimetres larger, then framed , and then simply trimmed down to exact size as ordered. With all ‘print only’ orders, there is a complimentary 1cm white blank border left all the way around the photo, to facilitate handling. Therefore if you were to order a 100cm x 100cm photograph, the paper size would be 102cm x 102cm.
Q   What are the ratios of the photos you sell?
Square is a ratio of    1 : 1
Normal is a ratio of   1 : 1.5
Thin is a ratio of         1 : 2.7