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Freight and Deliveries

Q   How long will it take to receive my order for deliveries here in Australia?
A   Once cleared payment for the order has been received, it can take 2-4 weeks for the order to be completed and delivery to made to most urban locations. Country and remote outback regions may require longer. We can obtain further delivery information on a case by case scenario.

Q   Is there tracking on deliveries within Australia?

A   Yes, there is. It is necessary for you to provide both your email address and mobile phone number at time of ordering to facilitate a trouble free delivery.
Q   Is there an express rate for fast delivery?
A   No. In regards to a very fluid situation with Covid-19, and a huge volume of on-line orders, guaranteeing delivery times is not really advisable. 
Q   Is there tracking with international deliveries?
A   Yes
Q   Is the frame packaged adequately for transport?
A   Absolutely. My nominated printer/framer has just celebrated their 30th year in business. They produce premium quality product, and their packaging is excellent. I myself took delivery of a 70cm x 189cm acrylic frame for our walls. I was impressed with the packaging!
Q   Do I need to sign for the delivery?
A   Yes. It is therefore suggested that you consider the delivery to be to your place of work, if you are not able to be home during normal delivery hours. We don’t accept instructions to leave items without a signature and name being obtained.
Q   Is there an additional fee for redirection and/or a re-attempt for delivery, if the delivery is unable to be made in the first instance?
A   Yes. A flat fee of $50 is payable, prior to any further action taking place. Normally with all parties having access to email, mobile and text services, there are ample ways to be in contact with couriers to ensure that delivery can be trouble free and fit in with your schedule.
Q   What do I do if packaging looks damaged upon delivery?
A   Take a photo, and/or a video, before you open the package. Then proceed to open carefully. A simple way into the packaging is to trim where packing tape has been applied. Ideally you want to preserve the packaging until your frame is hung. It is very rare for the photo to sustain damage. If there is damage to the photo, then please take photos of the damage, and then contact my framer immediately for the next action required. 
TO NOTE: To open the box, you really only need to use a box cutter type knife, and cut along where the packing tape is along the EDGES of the box. There isnt a need to make cuts across the middle of the box at anytime, as you may damage the photo, even though it does have some frontal protection.
Q   How are ‘prints only’ delivered?
A   All prints are rolled and inserted into tubes. Acid-free tissue paper is loosely placed on the front of the photo itself before it is rolled and this is to protect the front surface whilst being handled. The benefit of the acid-free tissue paper, is that there are no impurities that can contaminate the inks and paper of the photograph.