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Open Edition vs Limited Edition

Q What is the key difference between open and limited edition photos?

A With an open edition, I can keep selling the image without restriction to the volumes. With Limited Editions however, once I’ve sold the designated number of prints in the range (i.e. 500, 300, or 8 prints) I then stop. This does mean collectively as well. For example, with the 500 series, I can’t sell 500 of the smallest sized prints, and 500 of the next size up, and so on. It means collectively, 500 in total. 
Q Are the cheaper Open Edition photos of the same product type and quality as the Limited Edition photos?
A Yes – identical quality. Same papers and frames, with same processes.
Q What is the advantage of Limited Edition?
A Exclusivity. If you want an image that is more rarely seen, then buying something that is produced in limited quantities is more desirable. The proposed Z-series of mine, will come into effect in 2023. It’s limited to just one print only being sold.
Q Does it mean the photo is necessarily artistically better if it is a Limited Edition?
A No. It’s most likely just rarer to see the same photo on someone else’s wall. Some of my best photos are in the Open Edition range.
Q Do I get a certificate of some sort?
A Yes, an A4 sized certificate is supplied to the purchaser to authenticate the photo. This certificate is signed by me, and follows a short time after the delivery of the photo order. As there is a security feature with certificates, it can only be me that sends the certificate. I am frequently away on photo shoots for several weeks at a time, so the mailing of these certificates is done in groups on a month by month (or thereabouts) basis.