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Photographic Paper Types

Q   How many photographic papers types are available?

A    There are two:

1/.   Premium Metallic Gloss photographic inkjet paper.

2/.   Premium Lustre photographic inkjet paper.


Q   What is the difference between the two photo paper types?

A    The Metallic Gloss paper quite simply has the best colour, vibrancy and luminescence. The photo can have almost a three dimensional look. Also, as a paper with a gloss surface is required for acrylic framing, this metallic gloss paper is the only choice that I offer. 
If you are thinking of hanging photos in a room that has a higher than normal amount of bright lights such as windows, low hanging exposed light globes or light shades; then the Premium Lustre paper maybe a better choice. It has both colour and vibrancy, but as it doesn’t have a gloss surface, it has almost zero reflective quality. 
Q   Will the photos fade?
A   Under normal indoor room conditions which does not include any direct sunlight at any time onto the photograph, a realistic period of approximately 75 years is stated. 
Q    Can a lustre paper photograph be framed into an acrylic frame?
A    No, as only a gloss surface provides a perfect bond. This is why when choosing the ‘acrylic frames’ option, there is only the premium metallic gloss paper available.